• Sanfierro Operates a Warehouse and Junkyard that Provides Vehicle Storage and Parts Sales for Over 2 Million Vehicles Annually


    Sanfierro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tiger Auto in the United States.

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  • Business Segments

    At the heart of Sanfierro lies our employees, who make up a comprehensive and

    professional team dedicated to driving business growth.

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    Warehouse Management & Towing Team & Sales Team

    Sanfierro operates warehouses and junkyards across the United States. By visiting Sanfierro, you can determine your location, access towing services, and find the automotive storage space and parts sales you need.

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    Recycling Center & Dismantling Center

    We offer extensive inventory of automotive and truck parts nationwide. Whether you are looking for door components, side mirrors, headlights and taillights, bumper assemblies, fenders, hoods, wheels, or more, our recycling and dismantling centers have you covered.

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    Assembly Team & Welding Team

    We have skilled teams specializing in technical assembly and welding. They provide customers with a wide range of replacement components, equipment, and parts for repairing and accessorizing automobiles, trucks, and high-performance vehicles.

  • Career

    We’re hiring talented people to join us at Sanfierro!


    Join our team and be a part of something great!


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